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I'm a political theorist based at the University of Southampton. I work primarily on global justice, climate justice, natural resources and territorial rights.


On this website you can find information about my ideas, my latest research, and, when I have the time, various musings on issues of natural resource justice.  



A Blue New Deal

Out with Yale University Press in February 2022, this book offers the first systematic account of what just and sustainable ocean governance might look like. Find it here or here!


Concerned about human rights abuses in fishing? Want to know what we can do about the problem? See my piece in The Conversation here, and my article in Journal of Political Philosophy here (both open access).


Interested in a short, accessible introduction to global justice? Check out my book Why Global Justice Matters, which has just been published by Polity. Find it here

My book Justice and Natural Resources: An Egalitarian Theory is now available with Oxford University Press. Find it at Oxford University Press,, or

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