I'm a political theorist based at the University of Southampton. I work primarily on global justice, climate justice, natural resources and territorial rights.


On this website you can find information about my ideas, my latest research, and, when I have the time, various musings on issues of natural resource justice.  


Ocean Justice

I'm currently embarked on a British Academy / Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship on the theme of Ocean Justice, and working on a book on the same topic. More on that soon!

I'm delighted to be associated with a new project called Political Philosophy Looks to Antarctica. Funded by the Norwegian Research Council, the project will run until 2020, and will examine the justice of resource governance on the continent of Antarctica

Interested in a short, accessible introduction to global justice? Check out my book Why Global Justice Matters, which has just been published by Polity. Find it here

My book Justice and Natural Resources: An Egalitarian Theory is now available with Oxford University Press. Find it at Oxford University Press, Amazon.co.uk, or Amazon.com

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