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About me...

I'm a Professor in Political Theory in the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Southampton. I work in normative political theory, and am the author of Global Justice and the Biodiversity Crisis: Conservation in a World of Inequality (Oxford University Press, 2024),  A Blue New Deal: Why We Need A New Politics for the Ocean (Yale University Press, 2022), Why Global Justice Matters (Polity 2019), Justice and Natural Resources (Oxford University Press, 2017), and Global Distributive Justice (Cambridge University Press, 2012).

My current research ranges across issues of ocean politics, conservation justice, natural resource justice, global justice, and climate justice.


My Southampton University staff page is here

My Google Scholar page is here

My page is here

My Researchgate profile is here

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Short Biography

I studied Politics at the Universities of Durham, Bristol, and the London School of Economics. I then began my career in Ireland, first at University College Dublin and later at Queen's University Belfast.

Since 2005, however, I have been based at the University of Southampton. Between 2014 and 2018 I served as Head of the Department of Politics and International Relations. During my time at Southampton I have also held Visiting Fellowships at:


In the autumn of 2019 I also visited the University of Oslo, in my role as a participant in the project Political Philosophy Looks to Antarctica



I have taught a wide variety of topics within political theory. My current teaching includes modules on:

  • Global Justice (third-year undergraduates)

  • International Political Theory (masters students)

  • Contemporary Theories of Justice (second- and third-year undergraduates)

  • Political Concepts (first-year undergraduates)

I have also supervised a number of PhD students, principally within normative political theory.

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