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Current Research Interests

My latest book is Global Justice and the Biodiversity Crisis: Conservation in a World of Inequality, which was published by Oxford University Press in April 2024. The book tries to give a much-needed boost to discussion of the global justice dimensions of the biodiversity crisis, and of collective responses to it.


Before that, I published A Blue New Deal: Why We Need a New Politics For the Ocean (Yale University Press, 2022). You can find the book on Amazon or on Yale's website. The book won APSA's Lynton Caldwell Award for best book in environmental politics and policy, 2023, and was a New Statesman Book of the Year.

More generally, my research interests include:

The Politics and philosophy of the ocean

- The nature and limitations of existing institutions of oceanic governance

- The twin crises of inequality and environmental destruction

- Conceptions of ocean justice, and the role of the ocean in political theory

- Visions of just oceanic futures


Justice, natural resources, and biodiversity

- Egalitarian theories of natural resource justice, and their rivals

- The nature and justification of collective (e.g. state) claims over natural resources

- Fairly sharing the costs of natural resource conservation

- Competing accounts of sustainability

- Conceptions of biodiversity, the biodiversity crisis, the anthropocene, etc

Global justice and climate justice

- Egalitarian accounts of global justice

- Relationism and non-relationism

- Global justice and institutional design

- Fairly sharing the burdens of mitigation, adaptation and compensation

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