Current Research Interests

My last major book focused on issues of natural resource justice. Justice and Natural Resources provided the first systematic, book-length treatment of natural resource justice. It developed and defends an egalitarian account of resource justice. It was the subject of a number of symposia, and is the topic of a forthcoming special issue of the journal Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric, along with a reply to my critics.

I am now working on a book on Ocean Justice. What would just and legitimate governance of the oceans look like? Who should be able to exploit ocean resources, and in what circumstances? Who needs to take the lead in conserving ocean resources, and who should pick up the tab? I used my BA / Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship in 2018-19 to kickstart the project, which I hope to complete in the next year or two.


More generally, my research interests include:

Natural resource justice

- Egalitarian theories of natural resource justice, and their rivals

- The nature and justification of collective (e.g. state) claims over natural resources

- Special claims from improvement and attachment, their extent and justification

- Resource taxes and institutions to promote resource justice

- Fairly sharing the costs of natural resource conservation

- The resources of the oceans and Polar regions

Global justice and climate justice

- Egalitarian accounts of global justice

- Relationism and non-relationism

- Global justice and institutional design

- Fairly sharing the burdens of mitigation, adaptation and compensation

Theories of justice, equality and citizenship

- Theories of distributive justice

- Egalitarianism and its critics

- Arguments for global citizenship or a world state

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