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Justice and Natural Resources - now published!

My book Justice and Natural Resources has now been published with Oxford University Press. You can find it on,, Google Books, and the Oxford University Press website.

The book is the culmination of many years' work. I first presented a paper on national claims over natural resources back in 2010. Someone in the audience asked me if the paper was part of a bigger project - i.e. a book. The thought had never occurred to me. But over the weeks and months that followed, it became obvious that there was a great deal more I wanted to say on the subject. By late 2012, I was ready to send off some sample chapters to OUP. Fortunately, the editor - and reviewers - were receptive, and I got to work in earnest. Five years later and here we are!

I've been delighted with people's responses to the book so far. I was lucky enough to see two workshops organised on the book - one in Frankfurt, while the book was still in progress, and one in Bristol once the work was done - which were very rewarding experiences. I'll publish links to any reviews as and when they come in.

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