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Why Global Justice Matters

While many are born into prosperity, hundreds of millions of people lead lives of almost unimaginable poverty. Our world remains hugely unequal, with our place of birth continuing to exert a major influence on our opportunities.

But why, as a citizen of a relatively wealthy country, should you care if others have to make do with less? What does ‘global justice’ mean anyway - and why does it matter? Is progress possible? Could we make our world a more just one even if we tried?

My new book powerfully demonstrates that global justice is something we should all be concerned about. In engaging and accessible language, it sketches a series of reforms that would make our divided world a fairer one. And it addresses what, if anything, the individual citizen can do to make these reforms more likely to succeed.

The book would be useful for students embarking on courses on global justice. But I hope it will also be picked up by anyone interested in what a more just world would look like, and how we might get there.

Find it on amazon here:

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